As a boutique photo management studio, Resolutions Photo offers premium VIP services which are relationship oriented rather than project based.  Much like your accountant, professional organizer, landscaper, hairdresser, and others that guide you and help you to maintain other aspects of your life, a personal photo organizer acts as a trusted advisor for your photo life.  VIP client services include all of the below services on a long-term on-going basis whereby we get to know your photo collection and habits, your family, and your challenges so we may provide the highest quality of support for all of your photo life resolutions. Once your physical and digital images are curated and protected, we will create annual 'Year in Review' and other special volumes and creations for you and your entire family to share and celebrate.  Imagine your media collection always current and organized and enjoyed, feeling guilt free, and secure in knowing your most treasured possessions are preserved for future generations.


Curate and consolidate your boxes and albums of printed photographs sort using the proven photo ABC's methodology, elimination of duplicates and redundancies to maintain a more manageable collection; sort and catalog old letters and papers and children's artwork and schoolwork; archive in safe physical storage; services may be performed at client's home or in our studio


Consolidate the digital images located on old computers, multiple devices including laptops, phones, tablets, CDs, flash drives, hidden folders, photo sharing sites and the cloud.   Develop a functional organization system which is searchable and software independent and includes a folder structure, metadata, keywords, tagging, and facial recognition to ensure you can find any photo within a few clicks



Premium, white glove service conducted at the client's home or in our studio; personal attention and care for each image; higher quality scans at 600 dpi in tiff or jpeg file formats; basic color restoration and basic edits for cropping and rotation.  Scanned images are organized in folders with searchable filenames and keywords. Digitization of objects including family keepsakes, collectibles, medals, trophies; Scanning of oversized scrapbooks and photo album pages. Digitization of negatives and slides; Scanner is available for rental by DIY clients.


Follow up maintenance plan after digital photo organizing to catalog new pictures taken on a routine basis (i.e., monthly, quarterly, yearly)


Custom design of photo books using professional photographer design software and premium publishers not available in the consumer market; Selection of the best photographs that both tell the story and possess the elements that contribute to a beautifully designed book.  Archival grade traditional photo albums are available for prints. Premium designed books may be used to document trips, special occasions, family heritage, legacies, annual family yearbooks and so many more memories. Specialty books designed for handling by small children and memory- impaired patients are also available.


The design of gallery wall systems or the display of a special collection or memorabilia; shadowboxes, individually framed items; design of collages and removable wall montages; design of other photo products to bring your memories back into your everyday life and home including canvases, metal prints, home decor, pillow cases, phone cases, etc.  



Individual training in the use of various photo management software: Availability as a speaker at workshops and presentations on photo and memory preservation related topics


 Evaluation of current backup processes and recommendations for secure triple backup plans to protect all of your memories in the case of an unforeseen natural disaster, theft or loss, or technology failure; ensure all devices are included in the backup system and address digital estate issues to ensure that loved ones can access online photo storage and physical backup devices.  


Assess the best options for preservation.   Catalog and prepare a variety of film and tapes for conversion to a usable digital format. Resolutions Photo works with trusted professional vendors who utilize the most up-to-date equipment and technology; home movies are transferred to an external hard drive so that the movies may be edited and can survive future technology changes; however, there is still the option to receive DVDs.  Once digitized, home movies may be consolidated, edited, and enhanced to the client's needs and specifications. Resolutions Photo has achieved the Home Movie Certified designation through the completion of coursework to ensure a deep knowledge of the proper care and preservation of many different media formats.


Develop a system to ensure that all devices are syncing properly and that the best photos can easily be shared on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and photo sharing sites; we will resolve issues related syncing to the cloud, duplicates, storage space, and proper backup. Resolutions Photo will also evaluate privacy settings and digital rights in this every changing world of technology companies and offerings, to determine the  best solution for each client. 


Great for celebrations, remembrances, tributes, business and community events and more - Slideshows are photographs and short video clips set to music. They can be interspersed with short interview clips, titles and captions, quotes and more; movie themes for any occasion produced on professional software; many different playback formats available to ensure the ability to display slideshows on TV's, DVDs, computers etc.


Color restoration, cropping, and removal of dust, blemishes, scratches, red eye, the addition of words and other graphics; removal of backgrounds; use of trusted industry experts for fragile and more complex editing projects.



In addition to photo books and slideshows to commemorate a special occasion or a life tribute, Resolutions Photo can provide unique and personalized design ideas for event planning.   Centerpieces, guestbooks, milestone celebrations, memory boards, collages, photo booth props, and many other ways to incorporate your photos and memories  into your celebrations.


Our photo management and design services are highly customized to meet the needs of each client, and, therefore, are difficult to estimate without an assessment. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation and goals.   Photo organizing is an investment that your family will enjoy for many generations.


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