Concierge Client

No time and/or interest to devote, larger budget to support full service

Concierge clients are often unable to commit the time and effort needed to organize, preserve, and share their media collections. They appreciate the ease of retaining a full-service personal photo organizer who will manage their lifetime of photos and media with minimal effort on their part.  Cherished memories are very important to these clients and they desire original ways to showcase and archive them with exceptional quality.  VIP Concierge clients will always maintain a secure and organized family archive and media collection that they are able to share and enjoy with their family and friends at any time.




Coaching Client

Work side-by-side sharing tasks, medium budget and time available to devote

Coaching clients are looking for guidance and support as they curate and protect their personal media collection.   They want to learn the best processes and resources directly from a personal photo organizer and need some assistance in keeping their project moving to completion.   A coaching client appreciates a more collaborative approach whereby they work with Resolutions Photo by sharing or delegating certain tasks.  This client values personal attention and training while achieving their photo life goals.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Client

Independent worker with more time and interest to devote, smaller budget 

DIY clients have the desire and motivation to learn how to manage their own media collections. In most cases, photo organizing and preservation will require a significant amount of time and DIY clients are able to prioritize this commitment in their lives. Resolutions Photo will develop an initial action plan and select the best resources to support their needs and lifestyle.  DIY clients prefer to work independently on their own photo life goals, but rely on the expertise of a personal photo organizer to guide them.     

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