Resolutions Photo Management provides premium organization and design services customized for individuals and families so that they may celebrate their life stories through their photographs and keepsakes while helping them to preserve these cherished memories for generations to come.  


Our life stories span generations of changing technology and trends - from printed photographs to slides to smartphone cloud storage. Many of these precious memories are now in peril and are no longer accessible to enjoy in our daily lives.  The overwhelming volume of printed and digital photographs and media in our care can make photo organization a daunting task. Our photo management boutique will create a consolidated family media collection that is curated, searchable and secure and customized to your needs and lifestyle.


These collections document our life stories and family history, but it is through the sharing of these memories that we spread joy and happiness, pause in remembrance, instill confidence, provide inspiration, communicate love, and make the connections that bring people together.  Our custom design solutions enable you to share your memories in a personalized, unique and creative way using the most current technology and premium publishers and products available.  


Our mission is to make your family media collection a source of pride rather than a source of stress. We want to make your photo resolutions a reality!


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Concierge Client

No time and/or interest to devote, larger budget to support full service

Coaching Client

Work side-by-side sharing tasks, medium budget and time available to devote

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Client

Independent worker with more time and interest to devote, smaller budget




Print photo organization, digital photo organization, syncing of devices and the cloud,  removal of duplicates, metadata and keyword tagging


Scanning of photographs, digitization of memorabilia and artwork, implementation of backup systems, photo restoration, film & media conversion


Sharing of images through social media and photo sharing websites, design of photobooks and wall art, creation of slideshows and other photo products  


Individual training in the use of various photo managment software, workshops and presentations on photo & memory preservation related topics

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